MW Architects offers Forensic Architecture, Architectural Design and Construction Admin Services in the Greater Metro Washington DC Area.

Commercial Architectural Design

From the development of churches, office buildings, retail space and tenant fit outs we have a broad exposure to many project types in the commercial sector. We take our common sense approach and develop projects within the specified parameters and approach each project with a scaled and constructive approach. We work with contractors to mitigate change orders and finding ways to develop a pleasant experience within the building or spacial design.

Residential Architectural Services

We have over 30 year experience in the residential industry (10+ years as a carpenter).  We apply our experience it to the design and construction drawings we develop. We work with owners to keep designs within their specified budget and work towards mitigating change orders. We work with zoning officials regularly to ensure all setbacks are met when looking to expand your home. This ensures your home is designed within the local jurisdiction parameters.  We are also very well versed in dealing with local Historic Preservation districts and developing a cohesive design package to conform to HPRB / HDRB parameters.

Forensic Architectural Services

Our core strength is forensic architecture.  We assess the damage and develop a prescription for the repair.  We also provide a turn-key process where we work hand in hand with permit runners and local jurisdictions to expedite the permit approval process.  We work for a wide range of clients including property owners, general contractors, and insurance adjusters.  Our service can be provided across the county.

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